Customer Speak

Sudipta has been working with us in Amdocs over the last year +, helping our local India coaching team work with over 2000 Delivery people located in Pune, and working on Mission critical customer experience & Billing systems for our customers. Sudipta is very motivated and passionate and knowledgeable about Kanban & SCRUM & other Agile methods and the Agile thinking. Sudipta will always provide timely feedback about what works, what doesn’t and what should be tried out next. He is able to get buy in from people using his great logical reasoning capabilities and he also speaks the technical language, so he is able to cope with challenges coming from technical people. Lastly, he has great coaching skills, is a wonderful person and it is a pleasure working with him

Keren Yahalom, Director, SBG Transformation Team, Amdocs.


Sudipta  has helped us to establish the Lean Kanban implementation successfully. His experience about the Lean Kanban is very high and he has really supported and trained our team adapt our existing process to Lean Kanban method. He has suggested how Kanban can be adapted in design organization with dynamic and varying demands and involvement of different centers around the world.

Manish Patil, Head, Design and Development, Faurecia Interior Systems India.



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